Starting Your Career Part 2: 10 Tips to Get Started

starting_career part 2

  This blog is part 2 of my blog(s) on getting started. Be sure to read that one first because you should know before reading this whether you want to be a freelancer or an employee. Here, we’re going to look at 10 things to help you get started and be successful.   Note that ...

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Starting Your Career Part 1: Employee vs. Freelancer

starting_career part 1

  Every day, I get emails, messages, wall posts, tweets, etc. asking for help. Sometimes, dozens of them per day. Much of the time, it’s people who are too lazy to do a Google search to solve their own problems. But the question that I get asked most of all is how to get started ...

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RED Scarlet-X Test

red scarlet-x

    So a lot of people have been asking me what I think about my new RED Scarlet-X camera. Words cannot express how absolutely in love with this camera I am. All of the problems I was worried about having are not problems at all.   My biggest concern was that I wouldn’t be ...

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White Balance Tutorial

white balance

  Ever wonder why your shots turn out with an ugly tint, and it’s near impossible to remove in post? Most likely, your problem is using your camera’s white balance feature to correct the way your camera sees pure white (which influences the way it sees the entire image). The concept of white balance is ...

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Canon vs. RED

canon vs red

  Since November 3, I’ve been thinking a lot about the whole independent cinematography industry. Some amazing things are happening, even if they aren’t exactly where we want them to be. There is MOVEMENT, which is perhaps tantamount to all else. And so, for the three people out there that are actually interested in yet ...

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Review: Digital Juice Gear Bags

DJ camera bag review

So, the fine, fine people over at Digital Juice sent some gear bags over for us to review. In a word: these things are solid. Wait, let me try that again. In FOUR words: these things are solid. I think I counted right that time. Digital Juice has built some very high quality gear bags ...

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13 Old Scary Movies I Love

13 featured image

  Confession: I love old scary movies. I like them when they’re cheesy. I like them when they’re creepy. I like them when they’re over the top and gory. Many of those old movies just get lost in the shuffle, I suppose because many are black and white. So, seeing as it’s about time for ...

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Introducing… HELLER!


  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you STEVEN HELLER. Or, as I call him, Heller. You’ll be seeing Heller around here a lot, and so I wanted to take a post and just tell you a little bit about him. First of all, he’s probably the best all around artist and business guy I’ve ...

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Movies & Phones


Last week, I got the brand new iPhone 4S. Knowing that it has 1080p video, I was naturally curious, but not that interested, honestly. I mean, what can a phone offer me, right? I have a Panasonic HPX170 and a Canon 7D with thousands of dollars worth of lenses and extra gear.   Yesterday, I ...

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The Official Launch!

1.0 welcome

Welcome to the official 1.0 launch of Movies & Computers! We’ve got a brand new logo, website design, and overall structure. Thanks so much for visiting the site, and we hope you’ll return often. Sign up for our email list (on the left column of the website) to get notified of new posts, Like us ...

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