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Hey all! Welcome to Movies and Computers! On this website, you’ll (eventually) find all that you need to create digital movies, from pre-production and production (categorized under “Movies”), and all things post production (“Computers”). This site welcomes all filmmakers and film lovers, regardless of skill level. Be patient as we add content, but we’ll get there.


Under the “HOME” button you’ll find news. “FREE TUTORIALS” will link to the free videos we release under our YouTube account. The “BLOG” button will take you to random thoughts on movies and movie-related software. We’ll have some great stuff to sell in the Marketplace, including training, presets, and some great partnerships, to be announced. We’ll also be able to connect with each other, ask/answer questions, discuss movies to increase our understanding, and also be able to find work and get experience.


We will continue to add affordable, high quality training to this site. Eventually, we’ll add member subscriptions once we have enough content. However, we will always have plenty of free training content as well in our free tutorials section.


Throughout 2011, we’ll be following the creation of several full length feature films from the planning and script writing phases, into pre-production, through production, and into post production. It’s one thing to watch that process on a DVD, but it’s a completely different experience to watch it and ask questions while it is happening.


Thank you for visiting Movies and Computers. We hope to see you here often!

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Chad Perkins has written 20 posts for Movies & Computers

Creator of Movies & Computers. Filmmaker. Author of How to Cheat in After Effects, The After Effects Illusionist, and of several video training series on, Video2Brain, Total Training, and VTC.

6 Responses to "Beast Unleashed"

  1. Dan Grady says:

    Ultimate Radness!

  2. Andrew Richards says:

    As of right now I do all of my filming on my 5DMII and editing on PremierPro as well as Sony Vegas. I am just learning the in and outs of AE as well. I am really, really looking forward to seeing what you guys put on this site!!!

    1. Chad Perkins says:

      Hey Andrew! Thank you so much for your interest in this website! I’m so sorry it’s taking forever! We’re going to be making some major changes and launching this site with INTENSITY in the next few weeks and months! Stay tuned! We’ll get there and it will be worth it!!

  3. Steve Henwood says:

    What a great service you are providing. It is much appreciated! FYI I’d pay with pleasure for an in depth A to Z tutorial on Mocha. I don’t like the training on the Imagineer site. Would also pay for a tutorial on how to shoot a music video.

  4. Steve Henwood says:

    How about a tutorial on using the 3D features of After Effects to create virtual sets & backgrounds for keyed footage? I really want to learn more about making virtual sets. It would be so cool to make a cool stage for a singer with crane & dolly movements, and surrealistic science fiction sets as well. It would be great for this to be a really in depth treatment of the subject.

  5. Bariseale says:


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