Introducing… HELLER!


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you STEVEN HELLER. Or, as I call him, Heller. You’ll be seeing Heller around here a lot, and so I wanted to take a post and just tell you a little bit about him. First of all, he’s probably the best all around artist and business guy I’ve ever met.


We only met one year ago through a film competition (October 2010), but I’m already amazed at what this guy has accomplished and at his plethora of talents. Heller and I play in a band together, because he is a master songwriter and musician (as is his wife). He’s also owned tons of businesses (including a furniture store – seriously), and went through the police academy.


He wrote a short film called Moonstone that I’m directing, and that he and I are starring in (in production), and he’s working with me as a producer on all of my upcoming movies. He’s constantly studying and practicing with camera gear, lighting, visual effects – the whole enchilada. He’s just so brilliant. Seriously. When you get the chance to see his reviews or tutorials, you’ll see. His insights are just amazing. And he might be the funniest person I’ve ever met on top of all of that.


He created The Lucky Labs, which is an extremely successful website that sells skins for all Apple products from iPhones to iPads to MacBook Pros. He’s done so well at this company, that bigger companies are throwing money at him just to be able to own a tiny piece of his growing empire. I might also mention that he taught himself Cinema 4D so that he could create all of the art on his website, which is incredible.


He is an extremely talented filmmaker as well. As I mentioned, we met last year through a film competition because I was blown away by how hilarious his movie was (not to mention his acting skills). In that competition last year, Heller’s movie took 3rd place, and the movie that I made took 2nd place. So this year, when the same competition came around again, he insisted on a rematch. This is the movie he created – it’s a mockumentary called “Shakespeare in the Parking Lot”. It might be my favorite short film of all time. Tonight we are both going to the film competition awards, and I don’t stand a chance.



In case you’re curious, here’s the movie he made last year that started it all. I’ve watched this movie like 20 times, and it still cracks me up.



So, welcome Heller to the party that is Movies and Computers. Oh, did I mention he’s also our web designer as well? Yeah, he does that, too.

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