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Welcome to the official 1.0 launch of Movies & Computers! We’ve got a brand new logo, website design, and overall structure. Thanks so much for visiting the site, and we hope you’ll return often. Sign up for our email list (on the left column of the website) to get notified of new posts, Like us on Facebook to talk to us, and follow us on Twitter to keep up to date on what we’re doing!


As mentioned, we’re going to be focusing a lot here at M&C on digital filmmaking – from screenwriting to production to post production and all of the beautiful and challenging nooks and crannies in between. We’ve been buying all kinds of crazy gear and new software in preparation for our full length movie. Some of it is awesome and works amazing. Some of it was a total waste of cash. We want to give you a heads up so you can avoid the same traps we got ourselves into.


As always, we’re going to be focusing a lot on how things can be fixed (and even created) in post. The age in which we live eliminates excuses for digital filmmaking. You can now safely and cheaply film yourself getting shot, jumping off of a cliff, and countless other stunts that would have been really dangerous and/or expensive just a few years ago. And all of this thanks to the “computers” part of the equation. And we’re going to show you how we do it.


In addition to my very talented friend Elijah Tiegs who did the web design of the beta website and has been helping me forever with the site, as well as sometimes editor and sometimes cinematographer for my film projects, we have a new person on board. His name is Steven Heller, but we all just call him Heller, because really. If your name kinda resembles a slightly naughty word, why would you want to be called anything else?


We’ll have a post soon giving Heller a worthy introduction, but just know that he’s amazing, works with me on pretty much everything, and he’ll also be writing reviews with me, doing tutorials, etc. We also often have different ideas when it comes to movies we like, and we’ll be contrasting our opinions in some of the upcoming movie critiques on the site. He is the owner and creator of the Lucky Labs, where he did all of his own web design and graphics. Heller is just one of those people that you admire but also kinda hate because they’re so good at every single thing in the world. You will LOVE this guy. More on Heller in an upcoming post.


You might have noticed that we’ve removed user profiles and the community/forum sections of the website. We started to notice that no one was using the forums, and when they had questions, they would look us up on the Movies & Computers Facebook page. And signing up to make a profile is kind of annoying sometimes, so we ditched it. So if you have questions, or would like to request us to cover something, hit us up on Facebook or Twitter.


So again, welcome. We’ll be posting new things every week (or more). I’m also in talks with several companies to produce new video training on a host of really interesting topics, which will be for sale soon on our website. We look forward to making this site an incredible destination for learning how to make movies, and wish you the best of luck in making yours!

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  1. Steve Henwood says:

    What made you decide to use to host your new site, as opposed to using wordpress on a self-hosted site? Do they limit how you charge for tutorials or advertise? Do they limit how you display & stream your videos?

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