Whassa Goin’ On?

Those interested in Movies & Computers or in my training might have noticed that I’ve seemed to have dropped off of the face of the earth lately; like I’ve just stopped doing stuff. I’ve actually been crazy busy with some amazing things, and I’m ready to tell you what’s been going on.


A few months ago, I launched Movies & Computers – a site for filmmaking training. I put up some tutorials and tried really hard for a while, but the site just wasn’t going anywhere. And honestly, I totally understand why. Who wants to see my stuff when there’s way better tutorials on Greyscale Gorilla or Video CoPilot? I wouldn’t even watch my stuff over theirs. My strength is teaching the software, but the majority of people don’t give a crap about how the software works, they just want to do cool tricks. I get that. I’m just not good at that.


So, I decided that instead of focusing on tutorials, I’m going to focus on just making movies and other cool projects. Then, if there’s interest, I’ll release training on how I made that stuff.


Back in April, I hired one of the most beautiful models I’ve ever seen (smookietiger.com), and several other actors and started creating what has become the biggest and most ambitious project of my career. It’s not a movie; it’s an interactive storybook app for the iPad. I’m so proud of it, like I’ve never been proud of anything I’ve ever done before.


I’ve learned SO MUCH about Cinema 4D, compositing, camera work, Form and Particular, HDR, and every other aspect of visual effects in this process, and I’ve been so grateful for the new features in After Effects CS5.5, which I’ve used in almost every shot. I think that if you have ever liked anything I’ve ever done before, you will be blown away with what I have to show you with this new project.


I will launch the trailer publicly this coming Monday, June 20, which will show a sample of what’s to come in this project. After the trailer is launched, I will begin looking around for a training company that will help me create training for this. I just don’t have the infrastructure here at Movies & Computers to create and sell training of this scope yet. I’ve had some great offers from some great training companies, so I’ll keep you posted on what’s going on there.


Obviously, I would love to launch this training through lynda.com, but they recently told me that they are no longer interested having me as an author for them. Of course, this breaks my heart, but it’s their decision to make. Lynda (the founder of lynda.com) and her husband Bruce are two of the most talented and open, welcoming people ever, and I wish them the utmost success and happiness. In five years, they’ve never once paid me late, and that takes a lot of integrity. They deserve all of the good that they’re getting through lynda.com.


In addition to this storybook app, I’ve also been busy at work doing visual effects for a series (that I was also executive producer on) called Dead Grandma that stars Jon Heder (aka Napoleon Dynamite) and I did some interesting VFX shots for that. That show has also been picked up, and I have permission to show you what I did for some of the VFX shots, so that will be coming soon as well.


I’ve also recently begun work as the visual effects supervisor on a sci-fi series that is very interesting if you like sci-fi stuff. I have permission from the producers to use all footage and visual effects shots for tutorials and training. So I’ll keep you posted there also.


So, as you can see, I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes, and the best is absolutely yet to come. I’m making more connections and having more experiences than I ever thought I would at this point in my career. If you’re reading this, I thank you so very much for your support. Thanks to all who watched tutorials from the defunct (and embarrassing) Chad & Todd Podcast. Thanks to all of you that have watched my tutorials on lynda.com. Thank you to those that have purchased The After Effects Illusionist or How to Cheat in After Effects – sales are blowing my mind, and I’m so humbled. I realize that it might not seem like the best time to be a fan of Chad Perkins, or of Movies & Computers, but trust me – I know what I’m doing and I’m just getting warmed up.

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11 Responses to "Whassa Goin’ On?"

  1. Dan says:

    All of us (I think) are curious as to why lynda.com does not want you as an author, especially after the fine course you taught re: AE at the site.


  2. Wes James says:

    That makes no sense about Lynda not wanting u as an author anymore, Chad. I learned so much from your After Effects and Premiere Pro training that I consider you up there with the Andrew Kramers and such. Well it’s there loss. I hope you have fun with all ur future endeavors. I will miss u helping me getting better at Adobe software thru Lynda

  3. Samson says:

    Sorry to hear that lynda.com no longer wanting you as an author. I don’t know why but I’ve learned a lot from your after effects training there. Thanks a lot and looking forward to your new amazing project.

  4. McSleepers says:

    Chad, I’ve been quiet too since I recently graduated college. I can’t believe that Lynda.com dropped your tutorials!! I am so glad that you sent me this invite. I will for sure keep learning from you.

    Thank you for remembering me :)


  5. Dan says:


    You have dedicated followers from your days at lynda.com because of your unique verbal communication with your viewing/listening audience.

    I am always a big admirer of yours. But I’ve noticed something else “special” about you, Chad. You are quite remiss about responding to online folks who are leaving you feedback. I’ve always noticed that when communicating with you on Twitter. Yes: you do eventually respond and in the kindest way.

    I am just curious if that could be the reason that lynda.com does not want you as an author.

    The nicest guy I’ve ever met online who has been a huge influence to my learning experience…..just has this tiny, little issue.

    Hey…..we all have our quirks.

    Whatever, Chad! You have an audience that will always be on the lookout for you!


  6. Jeff says:

    Loved your Lynda.com video and the How to Cheat book, glad to hear we’ll be seeing more of your work.

    And still glad to hear you’re not dead!

  7. Michael says:

    Ditto with the loving your training at Lynda, I sent in positive reviews to all of them. It wasn’t just AE, but the integration of AE, Photoshop into video, Premiere, and Encore. A whole digital suite of software fully integrated and explained, something a lot of tutorials lack.

    Both AE Illusionist and How to Cheat were worth the buys, but tell your publisher to make How to Cheat available on Kindle so I don’t have to go running off to find it when I want to tweak an effect. Hope your new projects go great for you.

  8. Hayle says:

    Hey, sultbe must be your middle name. Great post!

  9. Chad Perkins says:

    Thanks so much for your comments, everyone! Sorry I missed them initially. Something was up in the way the servers were sending me communications (basically, they weren’t).

    I’ve actually been busy working on all kinds of awesome projects that I can’t wait to share with you!

  10. Abd-L-Azeez says:

    I owe many thing to lynda.com for what I learned from them
    but because of your TUT I love after effect and video Editing even more and more ! .
    I like learning the software . Video CoPilot have good tutorials but most of the time I find myself following along without knowing what the hak is going on . and you can’t stand on a solid ground without watching TUT’s like yours .

    I hope that your upcoming tutorials are even better . and I will still be following you along the way . good Luck Mr. Chad

    1. Chad Perkins says:

      Wow, that’s a very big compliment. Thank you!

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