Review: Digital Juice Gear Bags

DJ camera bag review

So, the fine, fine people over at Digital Juice sent some gear bags over for us to review. In a word: these things are solid. Wait, let me try that again. In FOUR words: these things are solid. I think I counted right that time. Digital Juice has built some very high quality gear bags ...

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Movies & Phones


Last week, I got the brand new iPhone 4S. Knowing that it has 1080p video, I was naturally curious, but not that interested, honestly. I mean, what can a phone offer me, right? I have a Panasonic HPX170 and a Canon 7D with thousands of dollars worth of lenses and extra gear.   Yesterday, I ...

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Using Adobe Story

story icon

Adobe Story is a new FREE screenwriting tool from Adobe. As an online app, many Adobe fans that own the Creative Suite are not aware that it even exists (get to it by going to However, Story is not only a great tool for screenwriting, but it has incredible tools for collaboration, pre-production, and ...

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