Improving Audio in Premiere Pro

In this free video tutorial, Chad Perkins demonstrates how to clean up and generally improve the quality of audio in Premiere. Removing noise and low frequency hum are both looked at, and then an introduction to the concept of audio compression is given, with an explanation of why it’s better to use to boost audio signal than just increasing a clip’s volume.




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14 Responses to "Improving Audio in Premiere Pro"

  1. image969 says:

    Awesome as always.

  2. what's web sms for says:

    That humming drives me crazy, I can’t hear anything else but it. I’ll see if that’s gonna help.

  3. Matee says:

    Wham bam thank you, ma’am, my questions are asnwreed!

  4. Steve Henwood says:

    Grat Tutorial!. Would love a follow up tutorial on the noise gate and expander functions.

  5. Daniel Kohl says:

    Very nice. Thanks. …. How do I donate a dollar? :’)

    1. Chad Perkins says:

      You’re too kind, Daniel! Don’t worry about it, as we’re no longer looking for donations. But thank you so much!

  6. Sydney007 says:

    I had a DSLR lens motor noise in my video which I could remove with a low pass audio filter – thanks to your Youtube clip
    Thanks Chad.

    1. Chad Perkins says:

      My pleasure! So glad I could help, and thank you for your kind comment!

  7. Chip says:

    Chad, LOVE your work. Have been through your Premiere and After Effects courses on and they were outstanding. Any plans to do P. Pro and AE CS 6 courses sometime?

    And the tips in this tutorial were awesome, just what I needed. The video I did turned out pretty well but when I recorded the audio…..let’s just say not so much. Learning experience. But these audio effects definitely saved the day. Thank you much!

    1. Chad Perkins says:

      Thank you so much! Glad I could help! didn’t want me to be a part of CS6 for AE/Premiere, but I do have other courses coming out. My Trapcode Particular course should be coming out on very soon! Thanks!!

    2. Steve Henwood says:

      Dear Chad,

      Your tutorials are thebest. Any chance you can do some on Da Vinci Resolve or Speedgrade. Are there any good ones out there now? Which one do you use when you grade your Red footage?

      1. Chad Perkins says:

        Thanks Steve! I actually did a training series on SpeedGrade, which you can find here:
        I usually use either SpeedGrade (which I love) or Red-cine X Pro (free from Got more stuff coming to soon as well!

  8. Vince says:

    Hey guys where’s the big fat donate button, can’t find it..

    1. Chad Perkins says:

      Thanks so much, Vince! We’ve taken it down. Watching our tutorials or reading our blog posts is payment enough! Thank you for for checking out Movies & Computers!

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